Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New items added!

We added some new items to our product list, we hope you like them!

"Mission Hills"

"Couture Girard"

"Loire Valley"



Most of these are accompanied with a 360 degree video clip. These are all available for flower delivery to most of San Diego County, please visit our website for more details:

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Funeral Flowers For La Jolla All Hallows Church

We delivered some beautiful sympathy flowers to the La Jolla All Hallows Church located at 6602 La Jolla Scenic Dr. South, La Jolla, CA 92037.

Pictured are several pieces, ours are the the colorful standing wreath to the left, the all white standing spray to the right and the yellow/orange basket on the floor in the center.

These funeral arrangements can be purchased online in the Sympathy Section of our website.

We create and deliver beautiful flowers to most funeral homes and churches in San Diego County. Some of these include El Camino Mortuary, Clairemont Mortuary, & Greenwood Mortuary.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blue and Purple Roses

By popular demand, we have added dyed blue and purple roses to our flower menu. Many floral designers frown on the use of dyed flowers which makes availability of them very limited. La Jolla Village Florist is in the business to give the public what they want, if it's dyed roses they want, it's dyed roses they get.

These roses are so popular, we cannot seem to keep them in stock. We get several orders per week from our website and from walk in customers in our shop. It's been quite phenomenal.

The growers have discovered that the white rose "Vendela" works best with the dying technique. Coloring is mixed in water and the roses are added. While hydrating, the white rose
head pulls the dye up the stem and in time, it will change color.

The reason we believe they are so popular is because they are very unique and the colors are so vibrant and eye catching. These roses are hard to find, so delivery availability is limited to our local radius. Unfortunately many florists do not carry this popular rose, so it is difficult to find a shop to handle any out of town requests for them.

For delivery in San Diego, La Jolla and Del Mar use La Jolla Village Florist!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Home Page Deals - BIG Savings - San Diego Flowers

We are offering considerable savings to people who are looking for a florist to order flowers to local San Diego and La Jolla residents. Items on the home page tend to be the most popular flowers ordered, so in anticipation of this popularity, we plan ahead by buying in bulk and mass produce these flower arrangements. This pre-planning saves us on cost of goods which allows us to pass this savings on to our customers; it's a win win situation. Check it out at

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Flowers to El Camino Memorial Park and Mortuary

When ordering funeral flowers online or by phone, in my opinion it is important to choose a real local florist with a real local address and phone number in the city the flowers are to be delivered. I've witnessed many instances where a consumer will order a beautiful floral arrangement displayed on a website only to have flowers drop shipped to the mortuary in a box with the vase on the side. Would you want to entrust an untrained mortuary employee to not only display your flowers, but to display them properly?

We deliver several times weekly to San Diego area funeral homes and mortuaries including El Camino Mortuary, Clairemont Mortuary, and Pacific Beach Mortuary. Pictured is a beautiful open heart standing easel wreath that we delivered just yesterday. You can choose from a number of sympathy items from our website or call us at 858.453.5022 or 800.786.8877.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Wall to Wall Flowers

Lots of flowers for the Valentine's holiday. Here's a quick snap shot of our store, we're covered wall to wall with bloomers. These flowers will all be going to happy homes and offices here in San Diego and La Jolla.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Blooms in Hi-Def Sweepstakes

Want to see your Valentine’s flowers in Hi-Def?We can help with that.
Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with beautiful fresh flowers for your sweetie and get your instant entry to win a 42-inch LCD HD TV! With your online purchase, you’ll be automatically entered into our limited nationwide contest featuring a grand prize of a 42-inch LCD HD TV.

Just picture it… your sweetheart is enjoying the beautiful flowers you sent and you’re cozy watching your favorite shows together on your new grand prize TV. It’s a Valentine’s Day you’ll both remember.So don’t delay, order flowers online now for your sweetheart now and get your instant entry today! For complete Sweepstakes Rules, click here.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Our World Famous Turquoise Aqua Arrangement Strikes Again!

When Heather, our head design artist created what became to be known as the "Turquoise Aqua" arrangement, we knew it was something special, but none of us could predict how popular this arrangement would become. Originally created for a Coldwell Banker event at the La Jolla Marriott, the buzz surrounding this gem prompted us to immediately put it on our website. This arrangement has become one of our best sellers and has been picked by several event coordinators to to be used, or at least a variation of, for their events.

The latest was for a Bank of America & US Trust event at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla on January 29th, 2009.

This product can be ordered at our website. We offer variations of this arrangement to fit within any budget and also offer discounts for larger orders. Click For Details - Turquoise Aqua

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Japan Society of San Diego Leadership Awards Gala

We're happy to announce the success of yet another winter event, this time the Awards Gala for the Japan Society of San Diego:

"The JSSDT will celebrate the new year (Shinnenkai) and honor exceptional leaders who have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of goodwill and the advancement of business, civic, educational, and cultural interchange and understanding between the people of Japan, San Diego, and Tijuana."

This event was held on January 21st 2009 at the McMillian Event Center at NTC Promenade. Our design artists created a winter zen piece to be centered on 26 banquet black linened banquet tables. These displays consisted of beautiful white Fuji Mums, Misty White Filler, Green Kermit Poms, Horsetail, & Beargrass.
The Zen White Fuji is available for purchase at our website: Discounts are available for volume orders.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Flowers May Help After Surgery

Every day we deliver beautiful fresh flowers to local San Diego and La Jolla hospitals like Scripps Memorial Hospital, Scripps Green, UCSD Medical Center - Thorton Hospital, and Sharp Memorial. These flowers will often cheer up a patient who may not be feeling too well at the time. But a recent study has shown that they may do more than just brighten the moment, this contact with nature may help speed recovery. Here's an excerpt from the article Flowers May Help After Surgery:

"Patients with plants in their rooms used significantly less pain medication
and had lower blood pressure and heart rates. Overall, they were more
satisfied with their entire stay. Ninety-three percent of those who had flowers said it was the best part of the room, and 91 percent of those without flowers said it was the television."

We can create a unique bouquet of fresh flowers that we will have delivered directly to your loved ones hospital room. Please take a look at our wide variety of selections in our Get Well Collection.