Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blue and Purple Roses

By popular demand, we have added dyed blue and purple roses to our flower menu. Many floral designers frown on the use of dyed flowers which makes availability of them very limited. La Jolla Village Florist is in the business to give the public what they want, if it's dyed roses they want, it's dyed roses they get.

These roses are so popular, we cannot seem to keep them in stock. We get several orders per week from our website and from walk in customers in our shop. It's been quite phenomenal.

The growers have discovered that the white rose "Vendela" works best with the dying technique. Coloring is mixed in water and the roses are added. While hydrating, the white rose
head pulls the dye up the stem and in time, it will change color.

The reason we believe they are so popular is because they are very unique and the colors are so vibrant and eye catching. These roses are hard to find, so delivery availability is limited to our local radius. Unfortunately many florists do not carry this popular rose, so it is difficult to find a shop to handle any out of town requests for them.

For delivery in San Diego, La Jolla and Del Mar use La Jolla Village Florist!